Aloney Yitzchak
Youth village

Aloney Yitzchak is a secular home and school to over 300 junior and senior high school children from challenging backgrounds.
Students at Aloney Yitzchak are fully supported and nurtured by a team of highly trained staff, with smaller classes provided for children in need of individual support.

Students are encouraged to support each other and connect to their backgrounds, religious identity, Israel and to the wider community. During the day, 180 students from the local surrounding towns also join the lessons to benefit from the exceptional education on offer and to mix with the children living in the village.

The village offers enriching therapeutic and educational activities such as sports, art and music as well as more traditional therapies, leadership training and peer mediation.

There is a strong belief in the importance of independence. Once a week our students work for seven hours in various roles around the village, giving back to each other and the community, just like a traditional Kibbutz.

This village has been located within the Aloney Yitzchak nature reserve since 1948. Surrounded by oak trees, wildflowers and organic farmland this environmentally conscious village is a peaceful, calming and inspiring place to heal, learn and grow.

"Every child can succeed! The aim of our village is to provide each child, no matter how traumatic their background, with tools and nurturing so they can thrive and achieve their potential."

Yaakov Benbenisti
Director of Aloney Yitzchak Youth Village

Village houses children from over


countries as well as native Israelis


received full educational certification in 2018


of graduates go on to join IDF, many of them attending university after this, later becoming leaders in business, arts and the community

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