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Youth Aliyah Child Rescue operates entirely by voluntary funding. We are fully reliant on the generosity of our donors, fundraisers, volunteers and event participants to raise the money that is so vital in enabling our youth villages and programmes to run. We can only continue to support thousands of at risk children and young people in Israel with your involvement.
There are many ways that you can get involved with Youth Aliyah Child Rescue and some of these are below:

Leave a legacy

Our villages are home to 2,000 vulnerable children rescued from unsafe homes, but the number of at risk children in Israel needing our help is growing at a frightening pace. Your legacy gift helps ensure that we can be there for those that desperately need us long after you are gone. Leaving a legacy is a meaningful way for your memory to live on and to know that you are enabling the best care and support for traumatised children and those with fewer opportunities to succeed.

To discuss this further, please contact us in confidence by calling 020 8371 1580 or get in touch by clicking here.

Fundraise for us

Youth Aliyah Child Rescue will proudly and actively support you in your fundraising activities. Perhaps you would like to run for us in the London Marathon or take part in other mass participation events; perhaps you would like to host a coffee morning, bake sale or parlour evening; maybe you’d be prepared to jump out of a plane or ride up a perilous mountain in support of vulnerable children and their uphill struggles!

We are always on the lookout for people to join or form a fundraising committee as well.

You can choose how you want to help – we’ll support you all the way. To discuss this further please call 020 8371 1580 or get in touch by clicking here.

Bar/bat mitzvah celebrations

As part of their bar and bat mitzvah preparations, many young people choose to raise money for a charitable cause. Youth Aliyah Child Rescue provides a great opportunity for young people to give back to their peers, to children not as fortunate as themselves. Some bar and bat mitzvah celebrants opt to fundraise in one way or another, whilst others make a donation from the gifts they receive in celebration of their simcha.

Money raised can be put towards the annual simchas and parties we put on for children in our villages when they reach bar and bat mitzvah age. Alternatively, donations could be made for specific items that reflect the interests of the bar and bat mitzvah celebrant in the UK – for example children who love sports might want to raise money for sports equipment, artists for art equipment, musicians for instruments etc. This is a great way to make the donations meaningful and relevant to the bar and bat mitzvah celebrants.


By becoming a Benefactor, Patron or Friend of Youth Aliyah Child Rescue, you are showing your commitment to Israel’s most vulnerable children and demonstrating that you are stepping up to help at risk children climb the ladder out of poverty, violence, abuse and neglect.

We have three giving levels and you can find out more about making an incredible and tangible difference by clicking here.

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