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Talpiot supports 200 children and provides services to hundreds more, aged between 5-18, coming from high risk situations and also works with the whole family to improve home lives.
Often referred by social services or by court order, most of the children at Talpiot have experienced neglect or abuse in their homes. Talpiot acts swiftly to restore calm and normalcy to their lives by establishing a stable, supportive and sensitive environment.

The children are placed in one of ten residential care units within the village. Each of these is run by care-giving foster families who provide the love, attention and support the children deserve but have often been denied.

The children attend local schools, giving them the opportunity to connect with the surrounding community and their peers and to grow in confidence. Talpiot runs after school activities and programmes, which are also open to at risk children from the local community to attend, even if they are not staying in the village.

Talpiot firmly believes that, when possible, families should stay together. The multi-disciplinary team works closely with the parents and siblings of the children in our care to improve their home situation, providing extensive therapy and treatment in order to try and restore balance, care and security and to bring about rehabilitative change.

When a child is able to return to their family they do so under the provision of on-going support and social work to ensure the continued safety of the child. When a reunion is not in the best interest of the child, they will always have a home at Talpiot.

“We focus all our efforts on both the children and their families.”

Dr. Eli Shetrit


children return to rehabilitated families every year

Expert treatment provided to


sexually abused children every year

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