Neve Hadassah
Youth village

Neve Hadassah’s mission is to refocus, nurture and encourage young people with behavioural issues, steering them towards gaining the education they might otherwise never receive.
Located near Netanya in a spacious green complex, Neve Hadassah is home to over 300 boys and girls, aged 11-18 from all over Israel, the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia.

The children in this village come from many different backgrounds, generally lack confidence and have significant gaps in their education. Most have spent little time in school or struggled to learn as a result of their disruptive behaviour or negative influences at home.

When they first come to the village they are assessed with a complete psycho-didactic diagnosis, which allows the highly trained educationalists to devise a unique tailor-made educational, extracurricular and emotional support programme for every student. Thanks to the highly skilled team every child is supported to realise their full potential during their time in the village.

All children live in the village but return home for the weekend every two weeks. This is so that students can retain and strengthen their family bonds but also share with their parents and siblings some of the skills and understanding they have gained.

Teaching is within small classes so that all students are given the attention they need to help them prepare for higher education or vocational and occupational certificates when they graduate from school.

Any students who do not complete their certificates whilst in school are always welcome to come back after completing their military service in order to take their tests with Neve Hadassah’s support.

“Children who roam the streets need the Village all the more; they need eyes watching them 24 hours.”

Nachum Rintzler

Pass rate is


higher than national average

More than


of graduates receive full matriculation certificates

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