The Village Way

The Village Way is a unique ground-breaking methodology developed to provide an opportunity for children from the most challenging backgrounds, to benefit from the decades of success at Yemin Orde youth village.

In 2006 Israel’s Ministry of Education urged Yemin Orde to expand its unique and successful circle of care to thousands of at risk children throughout Israel. This lead Dr. Chaim Peri, an educator and director at The Yemin Orde youth village, to create the Village Way educational initiatives.

The Village Way educational initiatives provide teacher training, workshops and other programmes to engage the entire school community. They also enhance children’s spiritual well-being, character development and leadership potential by bringing Yemin Orde’s pioneering methodology into schools outside the village network. By adopting our proven approach, these schools are not only changing the lives of their students but also their wider community.

Our five youth villages are among the 49 educational communities that have adopted the Village Way model, including our Mechina pre-military leadership programme for immigrant students. The villages are staffed by highly trained educators, who dedicate themselves to building trusting relationships, providing structure and creating what Peri calls a “community of meaning” within a nurturing environment.

We are proud to say that the Village Way educational model has won the ‘World of Children Alumni Award’, a global recognition of those working to dramatically improve the lives of children. The award is often cited as the Nobel Prize for Children’s Advocates.

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