In conversation with Ivor Perl BEM

Join us for an opportunity to hear Holocaust survivor Ivor Perl’s story. 
Holocaust survivor Ivor Perl BEM will speak openly about his experience surviving three concentration camps and how this has impacted on his life. Ivor and one of his children will be in conversation with Youth Aliyah Child Rescue’s events committee chair, Maurice Selwyn, and will then answer questions from the audience.
You will also have the opportunity to ask your questions in a Q&A session, following the interview.
Pre-booking is essential.
Tickets close 22nd January – 12:00 pm before event

About Ivor Perl BEM

Ivor Perl BEM was born in February 1932 in the Hungarian town of Mako. He grew up in an orthodox Jewish family with eight siblings. Following the Nazi occupation of Hungary in March 1944, his family were forced into a ghetto and soon after were taken to Auschwitz. Separated on arrival from his mother, sisters and younger brothers, Ivor escaped the gas chambers by lying to Joseph Mengele about his age. With the help of his older brother Alec, the only other surviving member of his family, Ivor survived Auschwitz, Allach and Dachau. After liberation the two brothers stayed in a displaced persons’ camp and eventually managed to get on a transport to England where they finally settled in London.
Ivor dedicates his time to sharing his story. He says “All I can do is talk about my experiences and tell whoever wants to listen about what happened. Even if there’s only one person who has heard either me or somebody else’s story, it makes a difference.”
This event helps to raise awareness of Youth Aliyah Child Rescue’s work to support at risk and displaced children in Israel. Donations are voluntary but appreciated.
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Jan 25 2021


8:00 pm





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